Acrylic Art

10mm Acrylic Print

A high grade piece of 10mm thick acrylic and reverse mount your photographic print. We laser cut neat holes into each corner, flame polish the sides and add stainless steel fittings to hang on your wall. The 10mm thick acrylic enhances the colours and definition and gives the whole piece a luxurious feel.

Freestanding Acrylic Blocks

A high grade piece of 20mm thick acrylic with flame polished edges and reverse print your favourite picture onto it.

Pricesplease select the type of artwork
10mm Acrylic Art
12" x 16"£58.00each
20" x 16"£78.00each
20" x 30"£125.00each
24" x 24"£89.00each
36" x 24"£179.00each
40" x 16"£129.00each
48" x 20"£195.00each
60" x 40"£295.00each
Acrylic Photo Block
5" star£15.00each
7" x 7"£28.00each
8" x 6"£28.00each
10" x 8"£38.00each
Acrylic Art